I have a few things going on and wanted to see if you could make some suggestions on what to take.

I have had a lot of digestive issues. I have IBS, Diverticulitis, I had very bad reflux until I had surgery, and I had my gallbladder removed two years ago. After I got over the gallbladder surgery, my digestive health was the best it has ever been until I got into an accident on April 29th. I took pains for nearly three months, ended about the middle of July. During that time I was constipated quite often, 3 or 4 days at the time. I have taken extra fiber, I eat a lot of natural fiber, and I have taken myralax. I am having a BM on a daily basis, but it small and only semi formed. I always feel bloated, feel like I have to go all the time but don't. I feel like my stomach is not emptying during the day as I eat and just gets bigger and bigger. By the end of the day my abdomen is very swelled. I have severe pain on my right side a lot and it always hurts if I press down on it.

I also struggle with depression, anxiety, and chronic insomnia. Diabetic as well. Until the accident I was in great shape. I ran and rode my bike 5 or six 6 days a week. Exercise is my therapy for depression and my diabetes. I have been very depressed since I haven't been able to exercise. I have gotten to the point that I have no energy, no focus, and no drive. I feel tired from the moment I get up until the time I go to bed. I feel like I am in a fog all day long. I can't focus, think clearly, or handle any stress. I am not getting things done even at work or around the house. I struggle to make it thru each day. I wake up at night thinking about what all I have not gotten done and have to do the next day. I am stressed to the max and at the end of my rope. I have been on prescription meds for all of this, but I don't like all the side effects. I have been off of everything for a year and a half and had been doing very well until the accident.

I had been taking Be Restful and it was working very well until the last 6 weeks or so. I have been on it for about a year.

Please help.

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Aug 26, 2016
There is a Natural Answer To Stress
by: Dr. Charlie

There are some natural supplements that the Lord gives us to help us through tough times. I recommend Lifestyle changes. Adding a little exercise to start and increasing gradually will make you feel better. In addition I recommend:

1. Robert’s Formula for the digestive issues
2. Gabatrol for the anxiety and depression
3. Phytisone (Adrenal Support) for the energy boost
4. Be Restful for sleep
Each of these can be found here on my site under the Products A-Z.

Copacetically yours:
Have a better-than-good day,
Dr. Charles A. Rouse, Jr.

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