Blood Flow Support

Give your heart the gift of life!


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o Completely safe, non-surgical, painless, natural therapy that helps prevent and even reverse heart disease.

o Powerful cardiovascular support formula that utilizes a broad-spectrum therapeutic approach.

o Binds heavy or toxic metals and plaque causing materials.

o Reducing plaque buildup improves blood flow to tissues, including sex organs + heart + skin.

o Decreased blood flow affects the tissue and organ function and causes premature aging and coronary heart disease.

o Improves heart muscle supply of oxygen and nutrients by improving peripheral arteries.

o Improves the diameter of the arteries.

o EDTA = ethylene diamino tetracetic acid) is an amino acid that binds with calcium (the major component in arterial plaque) and heavy metals in order to remove them from the body.

o Helps restore previously occluded arteries to functional conduits for blood flow!

o Don’t wait until the doctors want to do surgery.

Ingredients per 1 capsule:

+Vitamin C

+ Vitamin E

+ Niacin

+ Vitamin B6

+ Folic Acid

+ Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin

+ Calcium

+ Magnesium

+ Potassium

+ L-Cysteine

+ Coenzyme Q10

+ L-Carnitine

+ Ginkgo biloba

+ Nattokinase


Dose:  2 caps 2 times a day with meals


120  caps  $29.95

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