Anti Aging

·          Complete Nutrients for Men/Women (Medicine Man)  — 2 capsules twice a day with meals. Provides a balanced B-Complex and ionized mineral regimen. Improves mood and energy, alertness, concentration, and memory. Lowers blood levels of homocysteine, thus preventing the acceleration of hardening of arteries. Has positive psychological and neurological effects. ·         

Charlie’s Choice (Medicine Man)  — 2 breakfast and 2 lunch. The super anti-oxidant. Neutralizes free radicals in bloodstream. Strengthens the circulatory system. ·         

Free Radical Support (HealthCare Supplements)  — 2 tablets twice a day, with meals. ·         

Age Focus by HCA — 1 tablet twice a day. Helps provide the building blocks the body needs to makes its powerful Free Radical Support (HealthCare Supplements) enzymes more effective. ·         

Anti-Oxidant Focus by HCA — Take 2 tablets daily before a meal. Provides protection for healthy cells by helping them not be damaged by free radicals. ·         

Flaxseed Oil — 1 tablespoonful once a day. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are vital for every cell in the body — brain, heart, eyes, joints, nerves, and skin. This one is very essential to health and longevity. (Put it on a bagel, hot cereal, a waffle or take it straight off the spoon). Provide fluidity to cell membranes. Improves communication between cells. Reduces clotting ability of platelets. Decreases risk of heart attacks and stroke. Contains EPA (eicoapentaenoic acid) and DHA (decosahexaenoic acid) ·        

  CoQ10 60mg or 100mg — 2 with breakfast. Enhances energy at the cellular level. Helps peak physical as well as mental energy levels. As we get older, the energy-production system in cells doesn’t work as well. CoQ10 spiffies-up the mitochondria energy factories within cells. ·         

Methyl Donors — B12, B6, Folic Acid, DMG (dimethylglycine) & TMG (trimethylglycine) are all methyl donors. They are vital to body processes, fight cancer, improve mood and energy, and also lower homocysteine levels that are part of the artery clogging processes.Very likely prevents the expression of harmful genes, such as cancer genes. ·         

Ginkgo Biloba (24% / 80mg) (Medicine Man)  — 1 capsule two or three times a day. Improves circulation, boosts cognitive function and may prevent tumor formation. Particularly useful against age-related cognitive decline. Best forms of ginkgo have standardizations of 24% glycosides + 6% lactones + 2% bilobides. Treatment of a month or more is usually required before benefits are fully appreciated. Begin with one or two capsules a day. Best taken early in the day, no later than the afternoon.. ·         

Complete Nutrients for Digestion (Medicine Man)  — 1 capsule three times a day, with meals. Improves digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Improper digestion makes one feel rotten as well as interferes with absorption of nutrients. Reduces allergies. Detoxifies the body. ·         

Vitamin B12 Sublingual (methylcobalamin) — Melt 1 under tongue once or twice a day. Particularly beneficial in preventing age-related cognitive decline. Boosts energy levels. ·        

  L-Carnitine 700mg (Medicine Man)  — Take 2 capsules once or twice a day. Assists in fat burning at the cellular level and is thought to enhance cognitive reflexes. Helps mitochondria to produce energy from fats. Works best under the influence of vitamins B3, B6, C, B12, and Folic Acid. Particularly helpful to vegetarians. ·         

Complete Nutrients for Memory (Medicine Man) — Take 2 each morning and 1 each afternoon. Contains Phos-Serine and DMAE that help decrease lipofuscin on brain cells. This nutritional contains the super brain nutrients. The brain is the biggest user of energy. Life is simply no fun when you have a muddled brain. Improves short-term memory and prevents disorientation and confusion associated with the aging process. Helps brain produce neurotransmitters that improve mental ability and memory. · 

         Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (Medicine Man) — Take 2 capsules once or twice a day. Helps preserve the integrity and regenerate other Free Radical Support (HealthCare Supplements)s. Helps to regulate blood-sugar levels. Very important in diabetes and heart disease. ·         

VitaGen (HealthCare Supplements)  — Take 2 tablets once a day,  in the morning a few times a week. Take a few weeks on and then take a few weeks off for best effects. Helps boost stamina, fight cancer and enhance the immune system. Inhibits formation of lipid oxidants in cardiac muscle. Decrease blood coagulation and cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the blood. Stimulates the immune system.

·          Vitamin C 500mg — 1 a day. Potent antioxidant Support (HealthCare Supplements). Protects cells from damage (particularly brain and eyes). Protects cholesterol from being oxidized. Protects body from damages of sunlight, oxygen, various chemicals and pollutants. When one takes a regimen of Free Radical Support (HealthCare Supplements)s such as Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (Medicine Man) , CoQ10, vitamin E, etc., the need for each one is lessened.

·          Vitamin E (d-alpha or mixed tocopherols) — 400 IU to 1000 IU per day with a meal. Reduces heart disease. Protects cells from damage. Protects polyunsaturated fatty acids. Reduces hardening of arteries. Avoid the synthetic vitamin E tagged d-l-alpha. The letter “L” is the key to being “no good.”  

·          DHEA 25mg or 7-KETO 25mg (PhytoPharmica)  — Women: 25mg to 50mg per day. Men: 50mg to 100mg per day. Preferred blood levels of DHEA are 200-400mcg/dL for women and 500-700 mcg/dL for men. DHEA is a hormone that declines with age in both men and women, and its decline signals age-related diseases such as: heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, senility, and Alzheimer’s disease. They all share a common single hormone weakness — low DHEA levels. Increasing DHEA levels decreases most of the known markers of aging. Tunes up metabolism. Supports adrenal glands. Very helpful with autoimmune problems such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. Not recommended in women in perimenopause range because as they approach the “change of life” many women experience an increase in DHEA levels (can cause masulinizing side effects such as facial hair & menstrual abnormalities. Test Kits to check DHEA levels are available from BodyBalance @ 1-888-891-3061 or 7-KETO 25mg (PhytoPharmica) is 3-acetyl-7-0\oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone, a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA that is not converted into testosterone or estrogen. 7-KETO 25mg (PhytoPharmica) is more potent than DHEA.

·          Melatonin 3mg — 1 at bedtime. Boosts immune and slows the aging process. Enhances longevity in an “extraordinary” and “dramatic” way. Has no known toxic properties.

·          Complete Nutrients for Immune Support (Medicine Man) — 2 capsules once or  twice a day. Thymus extract modulates the immune system: better T-cell function & immune hormones such as interferon and the immune globulins. Crucial in the fight against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and all other foreign invaders. Helps alleviate suffering from age-related diseases, including arthritis, fatigue, and chronic infections. Must be taken with a good multivitamin/mineral for best results.

·          Acidophilus Complex (Health Care America) — 1 a day. Make friends with bacteria in gut. Good bacteria decrease the time it takes for food to move through the digestive system. Improves ability of immune system by providing an area for controlled antigen production. Stimulates formation of antibodies. Natural form of vaccination. Aids in formation of vitamin K, as well as the enzyme lactase. Helps deactivate various cancer-causing compounds. Helps regulate cholesterol and hormone levels. Eliminates gas. Sweetens the breath. 

LIFESTYLE: Eat a low-fat diet. Dietary fat is a major source of free radicals. Do not smoke. The toxins in cigarette smoke are a deadly source of free radicals. Avoid inhaling somebody else’s smoke. Get on a program of regular physical activity. Do things you like to do. Eat the Power Foods: Greens (turnips, collards, mustards, spinach); Carrots; Sweet Potatoes; Broccoli; Whole Grains. Replace fat calories with complex carbohydrate calories — fat tends to block the effect of insulin, while carbohydrates enhance it. Avoid chlorinated and fluoridated water. Drink distilled water. This lightens the load on the kidneys and allows the body to rid itself of useless built-up mineral deposits. Get you “good” minerals from nutritionals. Try the Life Expectancy Calculator @  Beginning in 2001 when the 1946 boomer turns 65, America will see the most sweeping population changes since the 1950's. Not a baby boom but a sexagenarian boom. In twenty years, from 2010 to 2030, the numbers of elderly in the country will explode by a million a year. The increase will be 50% (20 million increase) of old Americans. This amounts to virtually a whole new generation. What to do to live longer: (1) Challenge your body. Exercise is must. Work up a sweat. (2) Stimulate you intellect. (3) Manage your emotions. Anger and bitterness kill. (4) Nurture your spirit. The death rate still remains at 1 per person. Be ready. Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? 

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