Bed Sores

·          Gotu Kola 10% 425mg by HCA  — Take 1 tablet twice a day. Improves circulation and integrity of skin. Improves arterial and venous blood flow. Beneficially affect collagen (helps heal infected wounds).

·          Charlie’s Choice (Medicine Man)  — 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch. Improves circulation, blood vessel health, and skin integrity. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin well hydrated.

·          Skin and Nail Focus by HCA — Take 3 tablets once a day with a meal. Provides the essential building blocks for strong healthy skin. Massage the skin area frequently.

Emu Oil 100% Natural ‑‑‑ Message small amount into affected areas 2 times a day. Relieves pain and helps heal. (Contains linolenic acid and oleic acid to reduce inflammation and irritation). For the extremely tough cases use Derma 50 Wound Care – this product is a combination of emu and tea tree oil that helps relieve pain and aids in the healing of wounds, bedsores, burns, and diaper rash. Apply Derma 50 three times a day.

·     Flax Oil ‑‑‑ 1 tablespoonful daily. Encourages proper immune function as well as improves circulation & healing. Helps strengthen cell membranes.

·          Complete Nutrients for Digestion (Medicine Man)  — 1 three times a day with meals. Decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation; improves circulation; debrides the skin and helps speed repair of skin ulcers. Enzymes stimulate the immune system and help bring nutrients to the damaged skin area. Removes waste products

·     Echinacea Liquid ‑‑‑ apply topically to wound area 2 times a day. Enhances healing, prevents infection. (This is an “oral” preparation being used “topically”)

·     Ginkgo Biloba (24% / 80mg) (Medicine Man)‑‑‑ 1 three times a day. Improves circulation.

·     Complete Nutrients for Immune Support (Medicine Man) ‑‑‑ 1 twice a day

·     Krebs Ionized Chelates ‑‑‑ 2 twice a day. Supplies necessary minerals for proper healing.

·     Tea Tree Oil or Vitamin E Oil                                          

·     Montmorillonite Clay ‑‑‑ make a thin paste; cover and allow to dry. Apply three times a day.

·     Protein Focus, Soy-Based by HCA ‑‑‑ 1 or 2 servings per day. Provides the strong protective effects of protein.  Protein is essential in tissue repair.

·     Esberitox ‑‑‑ Chew or swallow 3 tablets 3 times a day. Increases production of interleukin‑2 and interferon and T‑Cells and macrophages and antibodies. Thus reducing incidence of bacterial and viral infection.

·     Garlitrin 4000 ‑‑‑ 1 a day. Fights bacteria and improves circulation.

·     Pro‑DMG‑B15 ‑‑‑ 2 three times a day. Increases oxygen supply and oxygen utilization in the tissues.

·     Complete Nutrients for Diabetics (Medicine Man)  ‑‑‑ 2 twice a day (use if a diabetic)

·     Colloidal Silver ‑‑‑ topical application

·     Horse Chestnut ‑‑‑ 250mg twice a day

·     Colloidal Minerals (Plant derived) 1 ounce a day.

·     Vitamin C 1,000mg ‑‑‑ 1 three times a day and increase as bowel tolerates. 

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