A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. Attention Deficit

Protocol to improve concentration and impulse control. ADD/ADHD can include the sit-still-ability and ansy-pansy syndrome.

 Symptoms of ADD – Difficulty maintaining focus in daily tasks / Doesn’t listen well / Difficulty organizing tasks / Easily distracted / Forgetful / Loses schoolwork or items necessary for tasks / Doesn’t follow through to completion of normal tasks / Avoids homework that requires concentration.

Symptoms of ADHD -- Difficulty sitting still for extended length of time / Overactive in inappropriate situations / fidgets with hands or feet / seemingly unlimited energy / Not good at “quiet” activities / Not good at waiting patiently / Blurts out answers or interrupts others frequently.  

Common Causes -- The foods most likely to cause problems are as follows:

Sugar 77% Sugar/ Colors or Additives or Flavors 48% / Milk 38% / Corn 30% / Chocolate 28% / Eggs 20% / Wheat 15%. Food allergy is oftentimes the great masquerader. One of the most common causes of ADD/ADHD is undiagnosed, untreated food allergies or food sensitivities. Grains can sometimes have offending proteins such as gluten, gliadin, and glutenins which can cause immune responses. In this case, curtailing all grains except rice and corn is advisable. Replacing soft drinks, fruit juices, and pasteurized milk with clean, purified water will be most beneficial. Be cautious of foods that cause rapid swings in blood sugar levels. The high glycemic index foods are notorious for such sugar flares. Most sugars (e.g. sucrose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, most fruit juices) as well as all refined starchy foods (especially white flour products) need to be curtailed to prevent this roller coaster effect on blood sugars. 

Condition Specific Nutrition –

DHA (docosahexanenoic acid) is an essential fatty acid that can help 

  • learning and behavior. DHA has been shown to help children become calmer and improve their reading skills. DHA is not a cure; it is a natural help for people who are deficient in long chain fatty acids. Children who are inattentive, impulsive or hyperactive usually have low levels of DHA. DHA can help prevent extra-aggression from increasing during times of mental stress. Phos-Serine and Phos-Choline, as well as Fish Oil have positive essential fatty acid profits.
  • High Quality Protein is necessary for healthy brain function in children. It is also true that kids skip or skimp breakfast and later eat meals that are high in carbohydrates but low in protein. A flavorful and nutritious smoothie that contains a gluten and soy-free vegetable protein source is a good choice. Such protein can be made from rice or golden pea protein.
  • Brain Critical Nutrients such as folate, B12, B6, thiamine, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and several trace elements have been clearly linked to better brain function in kids.
  • Probiotic Therapy has a direct correlation to learning enhancement. When the gut is too permeable and leaks toxic chemistries, the body suffers from poor immune function and decreased brain ability. Getting children on a high fiber diet is a must and supplementing with a therapeutic probiotic will be advantageous.
  • Improving Detoxification can offset the plethora of neurotoxins children are exposes to (such as pesticides and other pollutants). Helping the liver stay clean of unwanted chemicals will go a long way. The nutrition of choice of liver health is Milk Thistle extract and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. 

Charliology Report – Wholesome diets and therapeutic nutrition offer a myriad of health promises for the best in brain health. With 7.5% of the school agers being diagnosed with ADHD and 7.8 million prescriptions being written each year for the ADD/ADHD child, it’s a war on health that needs to be taken very seriously. There is no doubt that ADD is not a Ritalin™ deficiency. It is a default in nutritional habits.

 Concerta™ (methylphenidate) has been implicated in hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, psychotic behaviors, aggression, heart problems, high blood pressure, arrythmias, and racing heart beats. These are very serious side effects! Strattera™ has been cautioned by the FDA concerning possible liver damage problems. 

Nutritional Medical Studies – The essential fatty acids such as DHA, Phos-Serine, Phos-Choline, and Fish Oil have shown themselves capable of enhancing learning ability and attention span. The EFAs are noted for improving memory, concentration, and mental alertness without making the child nervousness or anorexic or sleepless. Actually, they are particularly good at calming overactive nerves. The EFA nutritionals have the potential to cross the blood-brain-barrier within 60 minutes, thus allowing a morning school dose to go in effect before the first class room instruction. These nutritionals are non-addictive. 

Deficiencies in magnesium and calcium can lead to hyperactivity, poor neuromuscular activity, tantrums, and increased irritability. Combining the B-complex vitamins with the essential minerals (magnesium and calcium) provides essential building blocks to support brain and mind awareness. They enhance the metabolic activity of the brain. Rebooting the immune system and allaying hyperactive brain signals allows the child more productivity, motivation, and enthusiasm. Every student a better student! Quality nutrition also encourages less cravings for sugar since the body has better glucose control. 

Don’t forget the psychological vitamins: attention, approval, recognition, affection,

acceptance, smiles, loves, hugs, pats, a listening ear, and certainly The Lord Jesus Christ.   The following protocol can also be used in cases of “dyslexia” — after all, “a backwards poet writes inverse.”

Dr. Rouse’s Recommendations: Natural Factor’s Learning Factors® -- DHA rich oil blend liquid or Softgels. These provide EFA support for learning, attention, and concentration. Promotes brain, gastrointestinal & immune system health. Rich in DHA + EPA nutritionals specifically designed for ADD/ADHD children or adults. 

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