Natural Relief from Allergies

Be Allergy-Free (Medicine Man)  — 2 every 4 to 6 hours, as needed for symptoms of nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, itching eyes, headaches, and fatigue caused by allergies.

Complete Nutrients for Immune System (Thymus Complex) (Medicine Man) — 2 capsules twice a day (children: use capsules 1 per 30 lbs. of body weight, up to a total of 3 per day).

Charlie’s Choice (Medicine Man)  — 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 lunch. Fights inflammation and decreases allergies or hayfever attacks by lowering histamine levels.

Olive Leaf 17% Extract — 3 capsules twice a day, on an empty stomach. Anti-mold.

SinuComp (PhytoPharmica)  — 1 three times a day. A traditional European favorite that supports the mucous membranes and sinus cavities. Appropriate for colds, allergies, and other factors related to sinus inflammation.

Cold / Flu Support (Health Care America)  — 2 capsules twice a day. Great for chronic allergy conditions. Has anti-mold effect.

Flaxseed Oil by Barleans — Take 1 tablespoonful once or twice a day. Enhances cells and helps those with nasal congestion, cough, wheeze, dry skin, lack-luster hair, puffiness in face.

Complete Nutrients for Digestion (Medicine Man) — 1 three times a day with meals. Can alleviate the major culprit in many allergies, undigested protein particles.

Quercetin-C (Ecological Formulas)  ‑‑‑ 1 three times a day

Newton Lab ‑‑‑ Jump‑Start Kit plus #7Hayfever (springtime) or #55 Pollen & Weed Formula (fall of the year), #58 Food Additive Formula, #57 Dairy & Grain Formula, #56 Dust, Mold, & Animal Dander, #60 Amalgam‑Detox. These are homeopathic medicines.

Vitamin C crystalline powder 1000mg (¼ teaspoon) three times a day

Pantethine Plus — 1 capsule (300mg)  three times a day (supports the adrenal glands and increases energy). 

LIFESTYLE: Avoid soft drinks and processed foods. Identify and eliminate offending foods.

Tape a small amount of food, dust, or whatever you think you may be allergic to on your skin. Leave on 24 hours. If red spot or rash = you're probably allergic. Sometimes low thyroid output precipitates allergies: Complete Nutrients for Thyroid Function 1 or 2 three times a day. (See "Thyroid" section for determining if low or not). The most common allergens include: milk and all dairy products, wheat, corn, citrus, peanuts or peanut butter, eggs, and processed foods that contain artificial food coloring. 

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