Alpha Lipoic Acid

·       The near perfect antioxidant


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A versatile nutrient which is both water and fat soluble capable of functioning in almost any part of the body as a potent antioxidant.

·       The near perfect antioxidant

·       May be preventive and therapeutic for numerous health problems, from diabetes and heart disease and cancer to failing eyesight

·       Helps recharge other antioxidants already present to give them more quenching power

·       Involved in energy production

·       People exposed to cigarette smoke, polluted air, car exhaust, alcohol, and even sunshine need daily doses of Alpha lipoic acid

·       Anti-wrinkles

·       Anti-cataract

·       Anti-aging

·       Essential to blood sugar control (hastens the body’s breakdown of sugar)

·       Plays very key roles in several important enzyme systems

·       Used in Europe for peripheral neuropathy and burning feet (improves distal nerve conduction)

·       Reduces glycosylation of proteins

·       Stimulates the regeneration of nerve fibers

·       Improves detoxification in the body

Ingredients: Alpha lipoic acid

Dosage: 2 capsules once or twice a day.


60 caps  $16.95

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