Prostate Support

A nutritional supplement to promote healthy prostate and urinary tract function.


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• Prevents enlarged prostate

• Improves urinary flow

• Decreases prostate size

• Improves vascular congestion

• Reduces the need to urinate frequently

• Reduces night time urination urges

• Diminishes pain or burning in prostate area

• Offsets difficulty in starting and stopping urination

• Better bladder

• Powerful antioxidant (lowers prostate cancer risk substantially)

• Keep prostate healthy into advanced old age

Ingredients per 1 capsule:

• Saw palmetto berry extract (standardized 85% to 95% sterols) 160mg

• Pumpkin seed oil extract 80mg

• Nettle root extract 75mg

• Pygeum africanum bark extract 50mg

• Prostate powder (freeze-dried glandular bovine extract) 15mg

• Zinc picolinate 15mg

• Vitamin D3 (ergocalciferol) 50iu

• Lycopene (tomato extract standardized to 6%) 167mg

Suggested dose: 1 capsule twice a day


60 Caps  $17.95

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Psalm 104:14

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