Duct Tape

Duct tape belongs in your medicine cabinet as well as your tool box. Surely there's 1,001 uses for duct tape, but I know how to make 1,002 the use that will work for you medically. Duct tape therapy is a great wart removal. It sure beats liquid nitrogen freezing therapy.

The therapy is easy. You just cut you a piece duct tape big enough to "smother" the wart. Cover the wart up with the tape and leave it on for a day. Because the tape is non-breathable it will do the job in no time. The wart is viral and the virus will be annihilated. If it's a big wart, after removing the tape, soak the wart in water for a short period and then "buff" with pumice or an emery board. Keep repeating this cycle until the wart disappears. Sometimes it takes up to a week to get it gone. To speed up the recovery and make it disappear even faster, 1 drop of "castor oil" or "tea tree oil" will kill the virus much quicker.

The hardware store trick will be a lot less expensive that the trip to the doctor.The immune system can be fortified to such strength that a wart doesn't stand a chance. You do this by using glutathione 150mg a day. A strong immune system makes things top notch.


Dr. Charlie

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