Oxidative Stress

Scientists have been ecstatic with their discoveries of how the protective caps at the physical ends of chromosomes called TELOMERES are directly related to the aging process and the advent of degenerative disease. These telomere caps remind me of the islets on shoe strings. I remember as a youngster, my shoe laces were always dragging the ground and losing the cap. That made lacing the shoes a misery.

Anyhow, the research has panned out that chronic oxidative stress (lack ofantioxidants) and low levels of glutathione are linked to telomere length and strength. The lack of antioxidants and the need for glutathione means the telomeres are going to be too short and the chromosomes are going to be frayed like a shoestring. When the telomeres are weak and lacking, the cell membranes get damaged and the other protein molecules become sickly. Glutathione is the body's most important antioxidant defender. That's why I recommend the PCO molecule and glutathione to be in everybody's daily regimen. PCO is abundant in the cloudberry or the grape seed. Glutathione is stable and ready to go in Setria's reduced GSH form. Then the body is ready to keep the telomeres strong so the chromosomes won't be weak. Now the body's able to participate in the critical roles of detoxifying harmful compounds such as carcinogens + environmental pollutants + drugs (prescription, OTC, or recreational).


Dr Charlie


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