B12 Deficiency


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Do you know someone who has suffered on and off from shoulder pain for two or three years? You'll know them by the grimace on their face when they try to lift their arm. If you put a little pressure at the point just past the bone where it slopes down into the arm, they will usually holler "uncle" or squirm and shout, "Enough already!"

Or you may know someone who's always tired and low on energy with some general aches and pains; but the most bothersome pain is in their hip. And the hip hurts the worse when they lay down in bed. If they unconsciously roll over onto their side during the night, the pain will be so excruciating it wakes them up.

Although both of these people have different spots that are killing them with pain, they both have the same problem -- BURSITIS!Or you may know somebody who looks like they've had a golf ball inserted under the skin at the point of their elbow. The swollen area is usually red and tender. If you touch it, you'll find it filled with fluid. To straighten the arm out hurts like crazy. That too is bursitis.The usual medical treatment is a Rx drug via injection known as cortisone (or Kenalog injection). The OTC regimen usually includes lots of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. Often the pain is masked and goes away, but returns within a short period of time when the drug begins to wear off. They are temporary fixes. They do not get to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.Take a look into the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) and gander at the long-term adverse effects of repeated injections of Kenalog or continual use of ibuprofen. Did you know ibuprofen actually "degenerates" the cartilage in your joints? Gee! That's giving you another major medical problem you don't already have -- like knee and hip "replacement."So, what's the solution? It's surely not aspirin, NSAIDs and cortisone shots.

One necessary nutraceutical in overcoming these bouts of bursitis is methylcobalamin. This is the ACTIVE form of vitamin B12. In a sublingual (under the tongue) formulation at 5,000 micrograms per day. B12 active goes after the bursitis. Then the body needs amino acids to rebuild the tissue. Using hydrolyzed collagen will give the right proportions and right sizes of amino acid peptides to fulfill this need. Then it's a good idea to debride and clean up the unwanted gunk in the bursa area with proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are also very anti-inflammatory. And the very good thing about them is that they are side effect free!


Dr. Charlie Rouse

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Psalm 104:14

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